Custom Operations Management Solutions

Create your own super-app

We engineer the perfect solution for your business and operational needs

We are ready to work with you, to create a software platform with perfect fit.

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Meet your new innovation team

We work directly with your team to quickly understand your pressing challenges and build the right solution

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Excellence facilitation

As part of our innovation process, we bring together all stakeholders – from Area Managers to executives – and formulate the path to operational excellence.

Rapid deployment

We design and implement initial solutions using Maple’s pre-made modules and components, to serve a foundation for purpose-built solutions.

Continuous customer success

Our customer success team and forward-deployed engineers work with you in a continuous process, tuning our solutions for perfect fit.

Discover joy in change

We designed a pre-deployment process that improves your business with a smile

Phase 1

We bring out the magnifying glass

Our analysts comb through your current field processes with extensive research, thoroughly understanding your needs and bringing out the best insights.

Phase 2

We show up prepared

We plan a phased approach to address your operation's most urgent needs and quickly deploy a proof of concept, to serve as a foundation for bespoke development.

Phase 3

We build with purpose

Our teams will make sure that Maple's solution fits your operation like a glove, and change management is as effortless as possible.

Phase 4

We take the busy out of your business

Once Maple is deployed, your entire organization can access and interact with abundant operational intelligence, making your business a joy to run.

The beginning is just the beginning

We offer an array of continuous services and constantly develop products to help you reach higher levels of operational excellence.

Continuous customer success

Deployment is just the start of our collaboration. We offer a range of services and custom development options that unlock new levels of operational excellence for you.

Continuous digital transformation

Use our integrated analytics, work with our forward-deployed engineers, and call upon our customer success facilitators to capture 360° insights and act on them quickly.

Continuous operational excellence

Track all your field operations from our platform. Gather new business insights. Forecast operational trends. Make the unworkable work with Maple.

Why Maple?

Maple is your operating system for operational excellence.

Fully customizable

We offer a full-service option for bespoke software development to suit your unique business needs.

One tool for everything

Stay on top of everything in your operation. Checklists, workflows, competence management, surveys, quality assurance, and more.

Built for scale

Our customers use Maple to manage hundreds of locations and thousands of employees.

Personal User Experiences

The perfect experience for your team with custom user roles and a detailed permissions system.

Perfectly integrated

Plug-and-play integrations that synchronize with your existing technology stack – including Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Okta, and more.

Relentless improvement

We release new features and improvements constantly, tuned to our customers’ evolving needs.


We will reach you for a private consultation, tailored to your needs