The operations management super-app

Welcome to the next level of operational excellence with Maple's modular solutions

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What we do for you

Clean, modern, and dynamic retail store with designer clothes

Track every aspect of your field operations in real time

Maple gives you eyes and ears on the field, without leaving your desk.

We built the ultimate solution for operations executives, loved by leaders who look after thousands of locations worldwide.

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Empower your front-line teams

Maple unblocks the flow of knowledge between your ground-level operations and executive-level intelligence.

A unified platform for your data, insights, and workflows, seamlessly accessible for your C-suite, floor staff, and everyone in between.

Create data from action, and action from data

Simply the best tool you can have to capture, analyze, and act on your operational insights.

With Maple, every action generates information, and all information informs action.

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For your next-level needs

Tailor-made solutions to delight you and your customers

Together, we’ll engineer the perfect solution for your business and operational needs

We are ready to work with your team, to create a software platform with bespoke fit.

How it works

Why Maple?

Maple is your operating system for operational excellence.

Fully customizable

We offer a full-service option for bespoke software development to suit your unique business needs.

One tool for everything

Stay on top of everything in your operation. Checklists, workflows, competence mangement, surveys, quality assurance, and more.

Built for scale

Our customers use Maple to manage hundreds of locations and thousands of employees.

Personal User Experiences

The perfect experience for your team with custom user roles and a detailed permissions system.

Perfectly integrated

Plug-and-play integrations that synchronize with your existing technology stack – including Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Okta, and more.

Relentless improvement

We release new features and improvements constantly, tuned to our customers’ evolving needs.


We will reach you for a private consultation, tailored to your needs